Welcome to the website for Bruun-Nielsen EUservices. My intention is to update it regularly with my comments on EU law and other oddities

– Bruun-Nielsen EUservices is the business name that I have been using during many years for my activities as independent legal advisor

Overview of services:

  • legislative assistance and other legal advice concerning especially public procurement and concessions;
  • advice concerning organisation and procedures in government institutions;
  • development and implementation of legal training in areas of EU law;
  • evaluation of tender procedures and contractual arrangements in infrastructure projects especially in waste and water sectors.

Business profile:

  • My consultancy services are focused on international donor-financed projects and have so far included activities throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas.
  • My skills and areas of expertise are built on my previous employment in central administration, private sector and academia combined with working experience gained within a great variety of cultures and types of governance.
  • As an individual legal advisor, I rely on various informal professional networks covering various countries. This has enabled me to mobilize tailor-made teams to take on for example training activities.
  • Whether on-line or on-site, I need little start-up time – hitting the ground running, so to say!

.. plus a few personal facts

  • I am Danish and living in Ireland with my (Irish) family
  • I enjoy fly-fishing
  • Cultural excesses include a mishmash of Tom Waits, Charles Dickens, Chet Baker, Iris Murdoch, Pharoah Sanders, Anton Bruckner and other quirky types to keep me company when travelling….